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23" High 41" Long Mini Bike

23" High 41" Long Mini Bike

Engine:  40cc, 4-STROKE, ~10,000 RPM, Air Cooled 
Fuel:  87+ Unleaded Gas (no oil mixing required)
Starter:  Pull Start
Maximum Speed:  up to 50 MPH with Performance Parts
 User Adjustable from 10-50 mph
Ignition:  CDI, Ultra High Discharge Coil
Transmission:  Centrifugal Automatic (transfer chain drive)
Maximum Power:  5.5 hp
Brakes:  Front / Rear Cross-Drilled, Slotted Discs
Exhaust:  Mandrel Bent Straight Pipe

Length:  41"
Width:  24"
Height:  23"
Ground Clearance:  4"
Dry Weight:  44 lbs.
Weight Capacity:  165 lbs, tested up to 300 lbs
Fuel Tank Capacity:  1.8 Liter (All Metal Gas Tank)
Cruising Range:  35 miles per tank
Tires:  Pneumatic GP Racing Treaded Tires